eFoods Global Review – Dehydrated Foods MLM?

 eFoods Global Review – Dehydrated Foods MLM?


eFoods Global is a MLM or muti level marketing company based out of Midvale UT, founded in autumn 2010 by among others Steve Shenk who handles duties of CEO. His vision global concepts san Antonio  is “to change the world one meal at a time”? Let us take a look at this unique idea and the opportunity available?

The food offered is a vast array of meals including breakfast, lunch and dinners. Also available are breads, soups and bakery items. All products are vacuum packed in light resistant Mylar plastic packaging completely dehydrated for consumption now or twenty-five years from now. However, for best nutritional value they recommended they consumed within fifteen years. They also offer any family can try six meals free, just pay for shipping, approximately ten dollars.

The premise of eFoods Global plan is that people can feed their family nutritional food today and stockpile enough food to sustain their family well into the future. They believe that people be prepared for any tragedy that could interrupt food supplies like famine, drought, hurricanes, floods, unemployment and even economic collapse. It may sound a little far fetched but with all the turmoil in the world one is forced to wonder.

Their marketing plan is a combination of strategies that include affiliate marketing with direct sales. While each IBO or independent business operator will be given access to his or her website for a small monthly fee to market and advertise the business. The IBO will also need to convince family, friends, and acquaintances to join and market with them to create a team. They will be able to work for more food or make money off a percentage of their sales and the sales of their team. The pay plan is binary after they refer two people all others go under them infinitely where they make a percentage off all their down lines sales also.

The eFoods Global concept is not only unique but offers the IBO the opportunity to make a living while, at the same time providing food for their family now and into the future. This approach works well for the experienced marketer. However, the newer marketer will need some training to see success. As with every opportunity do your due diligence and do not buy into anything without talking to a real person and not a computerized call center.



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