18 Steps On How To Install A Ceiling Fan

These means are the way to introduce a nonexclusive standard roof fan. In the event that you have a more ornamental fan if it’s not too much trouble, counsel your establishment guidelines included with the fan.


Stage 1.

Switch off the switch and breaker to the electrical box.


Stage 2.

Eliminate existing fan or fan coil motor installation. On the off chance that you don’t have a current installation with an electrical box kindly contact a circuit tester to have one introduced.


Stage 3.

Review the current electrical box to decide whether a fan support box will be expected to hang the roof fan from. Counsel an electrical expert if necessary.


Stage 4.

Eliminate roof fan from the transportation box and ensure all parts are available.


Stage 5.

With the fan engine lodging sitting on the floor, introduce the right size of down bar to the highest point of the fan. Some roof fans will come provided with a 2.5″ and a 6″ down bar, or only one of those sizes. In the event that you really want a more extended down bar if it’s not too much trouble, buy one.


To introduce the down bar first eliminate the ball that is joined to the pole by eliminating the screw situated as an afterthought. Slide the ball down the pole and eliminate the pin that is currently uncovered. Eliminate the ball from the down bar. Introduce the down bar to the top side of the fan. The down bar will either screw into spot or slide into place. Utilize the provided wellbeing bolt to slide through the lodging, through the down pole, and secure with the pin on the opposite side. Fix all wellbeing screws to the down bar.


Stage 6.

Slide any covers that might have been incorporated with your fan to conceal the down bar mounting intersection. On the off chance that your fan didn’t accompany a cover continue to stage 7.


Stage 7.

Slide Shade on to the down pole and permit it to tumble to the highest point of the fan lodging.


Stage 8.

Re introduce the ball by sliding it on to the down bar. Lower it marginally to uncover the openings at the highest point of the down pole. Introduce the pin that was eliminated beforehand and slide the ball back up the bar so the pin seats inside the ball. Fix the wellbeing screw that holds the ball to the bar.


Stage 9.

Right now I like to eliminate the edges and edge arms and append the cutting edges to the cutting edge arms utilizing the provided screws, this is for establishment later.


Stage 10.

Introduce the hanging section on to the electrical box.


Stage 11.

Introduce the fan engine lodging by setting the ball inside the support of the hanging section. Pivot the fan with the goal that it situates appropriately ready.


Stage 12.

Wire the roof fan to the power. Roof fans will have a few wires that reach out from the fan engine. Counsel the manual for legitimate wiring. Generally dark is for the engine, blue is for a light unit in the event that you have one, white is unbiased, green is ground. In the event that you anticipate utilizing pull chains on the roof fan to control the light pack and fan speeds you will join the blue and dark from the fan and associate with the power from the roof.


Stage 13.

Assuming that your roof fan is provided with a controller you might have an overhang mounted collector that would should be introduced as of now.


Stage 14.

When the fan is appropriately wired ensure all wires are pushed up within the electrical box.


Stage 15.

Slide the overhang up the down bar and connect to the shade with the screws gave.


Stage 16.

Introduce cutting edges to the engine.


Stage 17.

Introduce light pack in the event that you have one. Eliminate base center point gathering by eliminating the screws that hold it to the engine. Unclip the wiring tackle. When the center point is eliminated, eliminate the base opening fitting. Feed the wiring from the light pack through the opening in the cap and screw the light unit to the center point. Once introduced, wire the light pack to the accessible wires inside the center point. Cut the wire saddle back together. Slide center back on to the engine lodging and secure utilizing the screws that were taken out already.


Stage 18.

Introduce any glass that you might have for your light unit.


Partake in your roof fan.


*Keep in mind, summer setting is counter clock wise turn and winter is clockwise. On the off chance that you can feel a decent breeze under the fan then it’s set for summer. On the off chance that you can’t feel a decent breeze it’s pushing air up, which is the colder time of year setting.

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